Why the Struggling Reader Works

frustraed-readerWhen parents and teachers want real results, they find that The Struggling Reader is the place to go for genuine help. Why? Because our individualized approach not only offers a focused assessment of your child's unique reading challenges, but our teaching materials have been designed to target those areas of need.


The Struggling Reader Testing

Research-based and field-tested with parents/teachers just like you, all testing materials provide excellent insight into the strengths and weaknesses unique to your child. Developed by reading specialists who also home school, the various tests empower you to take control of the issues holding your reader back.

Focused Teaching Materials

Our teaching materials are tied directly to the skills being tested. That means no wasted money on large bundles or curriculum in order to get the few pieces that actually get used. Instructional activities are research-based, yet child-friendly. No boring worksheets or repetitive drill will be found.

Highly Qualified Reading Specialists

The husband and wife team that founded The Struggling Reader have years of clinical and classroom experience helping children learn to read. Dr. Eckenwiler teaches reading and related courses at the collegiate level and his wife has her masters degree in reading as well. They closely oversee every bit of testing, analysis, and curriculum that is a part of The Struggling Reader.

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